SCSU Sexual Harassment Timeline Updated 5/19/14

This post serves as a  timeline of the recent sexual harassment case against  Professor David Chevan and the lawsuit against him and SCSU. (updated 5/19/2014) SCSU Speaks is the organization at the forefront of this issue. (Facebook  Tumblr)  SCSU graduate Wendy Wyler accused Chevan of sexually harassing her. The university found Chevan in violation of their policies and suspended him without pay for a couple weeks leading to lawsuits, and protests.

The latest: Federal court documents indicate the trial is set to start in June in the case. Chevan apparently settled out of court, but it is still pending against SCSU and perhaps other parties.

The petition against Chevan has reached 2,327 signatures as of 5/19/2013

October 2013 Students marched on the President’s office to urge Chevan’s removal from campus. (New Haven Register)

September 2013 A blog post written by Tess Koenigsmark outlined a broader history of both what Wyler went through when trying to get help and also why there were other complaints against the same professor.

September 2013 SCSU Students Protest David Chevan’s continued employment . (New Haven Register)  (SCSU President Mary Papazian had released a general statement saying that “Southern Connecticut State University does not tolerate sexual harassment in any form” (New Haven Register)) Between this time the Register reported, Chevan was suspended two weeks without pay for violating the school’s sexual harassment policy. Chevan also settled Wyler’s lawsuit but a lawsuit is still pending against SCSU.

Also during this time according to Wyler SCSU’s new President Mary Papazian was dismissive of her when she asked her directly about the case. (Huffington Post)

October 2012  SCSU student Wendy Wyler alleges that SCSU Professor David Chevan sexual harassed her. (New Haven Register)








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