UConn Sexual Assault Case Timeline Updated 1/25/2015

In October 2013, the University of Connecticut was sued by multiple women, as a Title IX complaint was also filed against UConn. (Text of the lawsuit filled by several women against UConn has been posted by the CT Mirror.)

A timeline of recent developments regarding sexual assault or harassment cases at UConn since that time can be found here, in order of recent events to past events.  (Updated 1/25/2015) For the policy responses in progress, feel free to follow the Governmental Response Timeline as well.


The latest:


UConn seminars address sexual assault on campus – StamfordAdvocate

UConn students speak out against sexual assault | WTNH

UConn to form team to investigate sexual harassment – News 12 Connecticut

It’s On Us to Eliminate Sexual Assault, Harassment | UConn Today

Awareness helps combat sexual assault – Hartford Courant

Colleges Ill-Equipped To Investigate, Adjudicate Sexual Assaults : NPR

Why It Really Matters When College Officials Say Terrible Things About Rape

Higher college sex assault numbers means students feeling less afraid to report – Hartford Courant

MyRecordJournal:  Editorial Sexual assault (references UConn)

Sex assault reports rise at Connecticut colleges

Students urge ramping up campus security; U.S. releases crime stats | The CT Mirror

Report released on sex assaults at Connecticut colleges – Connecticut Post

The CT State Legislature’s Office of Legislative Research published statistics on UConn’s Student Code Violations using UConn’s own information as a baseline.  (September) (The statistics however only connect punishment and cause of punishment for suspensions and expulsions, so it is unclear how many who commit sexual misconduct get punishment below suspension or expulsion.)

Courant columnist Kevin Rennie criticized an overall culture of secrecy in education in the state and decried the settlement for silencing the victims. (Courant 8/22/14)

A CT Post article noted that despite how UConn handled the sexual assault the school is attracting a diverse and high achieving class (8/21/2014)

Pre-college talks now include rape warnings (CT Post 8/14/14)

UConn has been mentioned in numerous national articles.

Pro Publica

ESPN noted UConn in an article about how athletic departments should not handle sexual assault cases.

In July UConn settled the lawsuit with several individuals suing them. The coverage was vast. Opinions also came in from many sides.


Huffington Post

Norwich Bulletin said UConn was correct to settle though noted the problem is larger than just policies.

Sportzedge outlined the settlement and was critical.

The Meriden Record Journal also added criticism.

Manchester Journal Inquirer editor Chris Powell published a column in multiple papers noting that no one was held accountable.  (Though some of his conclusions about human nature and how women act I strongly disagree with.)

Sports writer Kevin Duffy wrote that the settlement doesn’t solve UConn’s problem, though also brought up the role of alcohol which is not the issue.  (CT Post)

Coach Linstad who kicked a hockey player off her team after being told she had been raped, and later resigned. (Not necessarily connected events but that is the timeline.) Now coaches youth soccer. (Patch)


In the university’s other sex scandal, Dean Woods claimed the university scapegoated him and that he did notify other university officials including President Austin, Provost Nicholls, and  Police Chief Hudd.  (Courant 7/7/2014)


Robert Miller, the faculty member accused of sexual misconduct retired a with pension rather than be terminated. (Courant, May 14,2014) Dean Woods plans to sue the state claiming he was made scapegoat. (Courant, May 13, 2014)

UConn was hit with more bad press after the Department of Education released the full list of 55 schools under Title IX investigation for sexual assault issues. (May, 2014) The Courant noted UConn’s presence on the list……as did WSHU.

On April 17th, 2014 an op-ed by Susan Campbell noted President Herbst’s “tin-eared” reaction to those who brought the lawsuit against the school.

On April 3rd, a general Bloomberg article about ending rape on campus noted the UConn case. 

In April, UConn’s own news service promoted their Violence against Women Prevention Program


Professor Robert Miller Sexual Misconduct Report 

UConn issued The Robert Miller Sexual Misconduct Case Report came out on February 26th. A WNPR report outlined the issues “”The report by Special Counsel finds credible evidence that UConn music professor Robert Miller engaged in serious misconduct with minors, including molesting children 20 years ago at the Hole in the Wall Gang camp. He’s also believed to have provided alcohol to underage university students, to have taken students on trips to a Vermont cabin, and to have had inappropriate contact with several UConn students.” WNPR (2-27)  It also went on to say university officials were made aware of many of these issues throughout this time, but that police were not brought in.

Response followed:

CT Mirror (2-26) UConn moved to dismiss Dean Woods and Miller (2-27-2014 Courant)

The lawyer for Dean Woods criticized the report. (2-28-2014 Courant) The CT Mirror also had an article.


The Aftermath Continued

A DC editorial noted progress made by Herbst’s  task force. (Daily Campus 2-17-14)
The Daily Campus Editorial Staff called on students not administrators to act to end the rape trail name. (2-16-2014)
The DC  ran an article saying the task force set up by Herbst was slow to enact change. (Daily Campus, 2-14-14)

UConn’s Herbst announced initiatives to improve campus safety. (2-7-14-Courant) Daily Campus coverage of the same.

The DC’s editorial board called for a procedure to report rape on campus and for the resources open to students to be more heavily advertised. (Daily Campus, 2-5-14)

UConn filed a formal denial of the suit in February 2014.  (Daily Campus 2-3-2014) AP  Courant

UConn Chief O’Connor reported that she expected a fine for crime reporting issues in late January. (1-29-14-The Day) UConn was out of compliance with the Cleary Act, Chief O’Connor says she has corrected the problem. Presumably left to her by former Chief Hudd.

When President Obama formed a national task force to deal with college sexual assault, UConn came out in favor. (1-22-14-The Hour)


At the end of the year the DC recounted numerous sexual assaults that had occurred in 2013. (Daily Campus, 12-30-2013)

In December a former UConn hockey player joined the federal suit against UConn. (12/20/13-Hartford Courant) After saying she was raped, she was urged to transfer by an athletics staff member and thrown off the team by her coach (who has since resigned).

Malloy said UConn must change during in mid December. (12/23/2013-Hartford Courant/WNPR)

The U.S. Department of Ed eventually agreed to investigate UConn (AP reported this though the article is down) 

After the lawsuit  UConn hired more staff to handle Title IX issues (Hartford Courant) (11-25-13)

Jeff Jacobs highlighted a former student who had been involved in the domestic assault issue that was mentioned in previous articles. Jeff Jacobs, Hartford Courant) (11-23-2013)

The Daily Campus ran an article noting that UConn faced severe repercussions if found to be in violation of title IX (Daily Campus 11-21-13)
Campus resources available to victims of an assault were seen as unclear in an article in the DC. (Daily Campus 11-21-13)
Jeff Jacobs penned a column “Sexual Assault Allegations At UConn Lead To Many Questions” (Jeff Jacobs, Hartford Courant) (11-20-13)

The Huffington Post’s Tyler Kingkade who follows the issue at universities across the country wrote about UConn.  (11-20-13)

Daily Campus Columnist Sarah Alder criticized President Herbst’s reaction to the lawsuit. (11-17-13)

The Daily Campus Editorial Board called for campus offices to better communicate since athletics and the police department disagreed on whether the football coach had been informed a of charges against an athlete. (Daily Campus, 11-17-13)

Manchester Journal Inquirer’s Chris Powell offered a different opinion on the solution. (11-16-13)

Courant Columnist Colin McEnroe researched and brought to light a previous case at one of President Herbst’s previous jobs. (11-16-13)

The Courant posted an editorial stating that UConn can do better. (11-15-13)

The CT Mirror asked “In sexual assault cases, do UConn athletes get special treatment?” (CT Mirror) (11-15-2013)

CT Mirror’s Jacqueline Rabe Thomas pointed out the case is larger than just at UConn. (11-15-13)

The University Herald wrote on the same issue “UConn Domestic Assault Witness Told: ‘If You Feel Unsafe, Then You Shouldn’t Say Anything At All'” (11-14-13) (Note I have included this article to exemplify UConn administrative responses to complaints of both types.)

Huffington Post recounted how a domestic assault case (though not sexual assault) led a university official to suggest the person assaulted “join a women’s group because they’ll do something about it. (11-13-13) (Note I have included this article to exemplify UConn administrative responses to complaints of both types.)






The CT Mirror continued to cover the rape culture issue at UConn. (11-7-13)

The Legislative Hearing

On November 13th, 2013, the CT State Legislature held a hearing on the sexual assault issue at UConn and other universities.

On the eve of the legislative hearing, President Herbst issued a new statement in response.  (UConn.edu)

Prior to the hearing the Journal Inquirer wrote that “UConn won’t say whether sex assault complaints are reported to police” (11-12-13)

The same day of the hearing a UConn professor claimed her job was on the line because of her support of those bringing the Title IX case. (CT Mirror)

Recaps of the hearing itself follow below:

Video of the hearing

General Assembly Testimony Documents

Courant “Lawmakers question confusing system…”

CT Post “Sex assault victims say UConn failed them”

NH Register: “Lawmakers to UConn officials: Your sexual assault reporting is confusing”

Daily Campus



CT Mirror

NBC Connecticut


The AP

Senator Boucher’s release.

Representative Hwang’s release.


The Immediate Aftermath
A Daily Campus Columnist criticized UConn for  putting image ahead of students. (11-7-2013)
In the wake of the lawsuit, UConn’s former football coach disputed that he knew that a player on his team had been charged with sexual assault. The University Police responded they had definitely told him. (11-6-13)
Kevin Duffy noted the overall issue in college athletics and the specific UConn issue. (11-3-2013)
The lawsuit was formally filed in Federal Court and attorneys and students had a chance to respond to President Herbst’s statements.  (Huffington Post, 11-1-2013)

Students rallied to support the complainants in late October. (Hartford Courant 10-30-2013)    CT Mirror Coverage (10-31-2013)

The university was defended in part by the Manchester Journal Inquirer’s Chris Powell (Journal Inquirer 10-28-2013)

Daily Campus columnist Victoria Kallsen wrote an article to challenge misconceptions entitled “Five lies you already believe about the Title IX complaint against UConn”  (10-28-13)

UConn cited privacy as a major obstacle to addressing the complaints publicly. (CT Mirror, 10-24-2013)


President Herbst’s Response

Soon afterward UConn President Susan Herbst responded to the allegations in a manner that drew major criticism. (Hartford Courant,10-23-13) Including from state legislators and the Governor.  (CT Mirror, 10-24-13) Students also reacted to Herbt’s statement. (Daily Campus, 10-25-13)

Just a sampling of the criticism of Herbst is collected below:

CTNJ’s Coverage

Huffington Post Coverage

Hartford Courant

New London Day

Jeff Jacobs

Susan Bigelow

Colin McEnroe

DC staffer Imaani Cain wrote a column entitled simply “Victim Blaming: Enough is Enough. (Daily Campus 10-22-13)


The Lawsuit

On October 21, 2013, Gloria Allred announces UConn will be facing Title IX complaint for failing to protect several women she represented. (WFSB)

This drew support and skepticism in the campus community. (Hartford Courant)

Literally the same day, The Daily Campus editorial board decried the perpetuation of rape culture on campuses. (10-21-2013)

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