Wesleyan Sexual Assault/Harassment Timeline Updated 1/25/2015

Wesleyan has attracted a lot of attention due to rapes at a fraternity house. This has drawn the university the overall issue of how colleges respond to these issues.  A timeline of recent developments regarding sexual assault or harassment cases at Wesleyan follows: (Updated 1/25/2015) (Note: Wesleyan since has in place the Sexual Assault Response Team .  They also put in place new programs to try to reach incoming students. (Wesleyan Argus 8/29/13))

College fraternities under fire for hazing, offensive behavior – Washington Times

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City, Wesleyan officials agree on sexual assault procedures

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Wesleyan fraternities launch alcohol abuse, sexual assault prevention program

Wesleyan fraternity on probation after sex assault allegations – WFSB 3 Connecticut

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Wesleyan fraternity: Wesleyan University Bans Social Events At Fraternity – CTnow

Wesleyan Student Speaks Out Against Sex Assault in Viral Video | NBC Connecticut

Wesleyan Student Starts “Not Asking For It” Video Movement – Hartford Courant

Wesleyan student sues attacker

Wesleyan University Sanctions Psi Upsilon Due To Sexual Assaults

Wesleyan University to Ban Students from Off-Campus Beta Thera Pi Frat House : News : University Herald

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Following two sexual assaults, Wesleyan University bans fraternity from holding social events – The Washington Post

Fraternity at Wesleyan: Wesleyan Bans Students From Fraternity House; National Chapter Suspends It – Hartford CourantFraternity suspended from two Connecticut colleges

Middletown Police Investigate Reported Assault At Wesleyan University | FOX CT
N.Y. man suing Wesleyan, wants sexual misconduct decision reversed
Senator Blumenthal Speaks With Students on Assaults; Wesleyan Releases Report | News @ Wesleyan

Colleges Are Rewriting What Consent Means To Address Sexual Assault

Frat Brothers Rape 300% More. 1 in 5 Women Is Sexually Assaulted On Campus. Should We Ban Frats? | Alternet

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Wesleyan Bans Students From Fraternity House; National Chapter Suspends It  (Beta Theta Pi) (Courant 9-10-2014)

Wesleyan hosted The Monument Quilt, “a public healing space by and for survivors of rape and abuse”.  (September) Middletown Press Wesleyan Argus Hartford Courant Huffington Post

 A Wesleyan student wrote “Why I Quit My College Fraternity” and wrote in depth about the issues facing Wesleyan and his own encounters with them. (mic.com 7/11/14)

Wesleyan Considers Co-Ed Fraternities (Courant 6/8/14)

Trustees, Roth Discuss Future of Fraternities (Wesleyan Website 5/29/14)

In late April President Roth announced changes in how fraternities would be handled. (Wesleyan Website)

Wesleyan was mentioned in the context of American University dealing with sexual assaults by fraternity members. (Huffington Post, April 23, 2014))

On 4/21 Wesleyan’s Student Association voted to reform greek life. (Wesleyan Argus)

On 4/20 and 4/21 Wesleyan students held a “not asking for it” program to raise awareness. (Wesleyan Argus)

Wesleyan students would met with potential students to discuss the sexual assault issue in April. (Wesleyan Argus)

In April “The Wire” ran an article saying a fraternity crackdown was underway and noted Wesleyan’s past problems.

Wesleyan was mentioned in an overall CT Post article about the sexual assault issue at Connecticut colleges. (CT Post, April 17,2014)

On 4/16  a letter written by multiple students and faculty members urged Wesleyan to reform their male fraternities. (Wesleying)

On April 14, a Wesleyan student urged the conversation to be changed to facilitate a better result. (Wesleyan Argus)

On April 14,  Wesleyan students wrote to the Argus pointing out the university’s many problems and urging incoming students to come anyway and take part in the good fight. (Wesleyan Argus)

On April 10th Wesleyan students unveiled a new sexual assault awareness website. (Wesleyan Argus)

Wesleyan students wrote to the Courant on 4/8 pointing out reaction to a rape in May 2013 was worrying. (Courant)

An article from April 7th outlined what the university community was doing about the issue. (Wesleyan Argus)

Students that were part of a group fighting sexual violence published an op-ed telling people what they could to do to fight sexual assault. (Wesleyan Argus, March 28, 2014)

Wesleyan students wrote an op-ed “Don’t Assume She’s Lying” to highlight that under reporting of sexual assault is a much larger issue than false reporting. (Wesleyan Argus, March 28 2014)

In March the Wesleyan cases were noted in a discussion in the Courant about using “Jane Doe” to hide one’s identity. (Courant)

Newsweek weighed in on whether Wesleyan would do away with Frats in mid-march.

Wesleyan fraternity Psi Upsilon was sued after a rape at a party. (Fox CT 3-12-2014)

The Atlantic ran a story on the “The Dark Power of Fraternities.” (2-19-2014) This note the Wesleyan case of Jane Doe who was raped at a fraternity house and is deeply critical of Wesleyan saying their defense blamed the victim..

Wesleyan responded here saying that the article was wrong in that interpretation. (2-19-2014)

October 2013 The blog Wesleying continued to devote a great deal of time to this issue. 

Beta Theta Pi remains in operation on campus and is considered a housing option on Wesleyan’s website.

9/10/13 A settlement between the Jane Doe, Wesleyan and the Fraternity was announced. (Torrington Register Citizen)

April 2013 An attempted sexual assault occurred at the Beta house. (Wesleyan Argus)

October 2012 Jane Doe filed a lawsuit accusing Wesleyan of not protecting her from the dangers of fraternity Beta Theta Pi and its house dubbed a “Rape Factory” in 2010 after she was raped in 2010 and had major difficulties obtaining assistance from Wesleyan and also had to endure protests. (Hartford Courant)

Buzzfeed presented a history of the Beta fraternity and cautions from students.

Huffington Post also outlined the history of the case.  (Wesleyan tried to sanction the fraternity and the house but backed down after protests in support of the fraternity, apparently which took place at the victim’s dorm as well. )

May 2012  Nico Vitti outlined a case in which Wesleyan was aware of a professor’s sexual harassment, did not keep the victim informed of the progress of the investigation and allowed the professor to be at commencement. The full story was handled in detail by Wesleying.  Also mentioned was the fact that tenure rules meant a professor wouldn’t be fired for a first offense.

May 2010 WNPR ran a story on sexual assault on campus.   This came on the heels of Joanna Bourain’s opinion piece following her rape on campus Wesleyan’s Great, Unless You Get RapedWesleyan did not find enough evidence according to an WNPR report. Wesleyan’s President responded at the time.



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