Yale Sexual Assault/Harassment Timeline Updated 1/25/2015

As schools like UConn were facing scrutiny, Yale had been years removed from complaints filed against them in 2011. However the issue still remains a concern and the focus of groups like Know Your Title IX and Students against Sexual Violence at Yale.  This is a timeline of recent developments regarding sexual assault or harassment cases at Yale. (Updated 1/25/2015)


‘Hammered’ yet ‘enthusiastic’? Yale sexual-assault investigation revealed

2 Yale Students Expelled Over Sexual Assault Allegations | NBC Connecticut

A sexual harassment policy that nearly ruined my life – Opinion – The Boston Globe

Campaign Raises Money to Aid Lawsuit Accusing Yale Philosopher of Sexual Assault – The Ticker – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Yale Forms Gender Task Force Amid Scrutiny at Medical School – Bloomberg

Yale Forms Gender Task Force Amid…

Yale incorporates new laws in sexual misconduct policy | Yale Daily News

Frat Brothers Rape 300% More. 1 in 5 Women Is Sexually Assaulted On Campus. Should We Ban Frats? | Alternet

Sex assault reports rise at Connecticut colleges

Report released on sex assaults at Connecticut colleges – Connecticut Post


Yale Lists 29 Sexual-Assault Complaints in Semiannual Report – Bloomberg

Yale stands against sexual assaults – WFSB 3 Connecticut

YCC forms sexual health task force | Yale Daily News

Sexual Harassment at Yale: Delicate Subject, High-Impact Investigation – NYTimes.com

Sexual Misconduct report shows 64 complaints, two expulsions | Yale Daily News

Sexual-Assault Report: Yale Uses ‘Hearsay,’ ‘Scarlet Letter’ Against Accused

Student groups push to improve sexual climate | Yale Daily News

Two Sexual Assaults Are Reported at Yale – NYTimes.com

Despite progress, sexual misconduct policies still draw ire | Yale Daily News

Former Star Yale QB Patrick Witt Says University Sexual Assault Policy ‘Nearly Ruined My Life’ – Business Insider

Former Yale quarterback speaks out about sexual harassment policy | FOX CT

Handling of Sexual Harassment Case Poses Larger Questions at Yale – NYTimes.com

Increased attention to campus sexual assault | Light & Verity | Yale Alumni Magazine

Internet campaign accuses a Yale professor of sexual assault, which has troubling implications.


Yale took action against students and a faculty member. (Courant 8/15/2014)

2 students were expelled for sexual assault recently. (WTIC-8/14/2014)

Yale provided its latest sexual assault update in August (Bloomberg 8/12/2014) The Yale Daily News also covered it.

A Yale Daily News article covered a student event to take a stand against sexual assault in April.

A Yale student noted in April the sexual assault issue among many, and suggested students will have to evaluate whether the administration did enough. (Yale Daily News)

Yale was also mentioned in a April 17, 2014 CT Post Article about the sexual issue at Connecticut universities.

A candidate for President of Yale’s student government called the current sexual assault policy ‘unacceptable’ (YDN)

Yale was mentioned in an article discussing the move to use the label “non consensual sex” rather than rape. (Al Jazeera America)

Yale was also mentioned in a large Bloomberg article “Changing How Colleges Deal with Rape” (April 3, 2014)

Yale now has to comply with new mandates under the Clery Act (April 2, 2014) (YDN)

A teach in at Yale focused on Sexual Violence (March 31, 2014) (YDN)

Yale released a new Sexual Misconduct Report in February (February 4, 2014) [PDF] This outlines the offenses and the punishments handed down. (The Yale Daily News summarized it. (February 4,2014))

Takepart addressed Title IX as a weapon and included the Yale story within it. (November 2013)

Protestors showed up at Yale President Peter Salovey’s Inauguration were complaining about both the complaints about student offenders as well as faculty offenders. (Yale Daily News, October 2013)

Steve Cohen of Forbes pointed to the Naval Academy’s handling of sexual assault cases in contrast to Yale’s. (October, 2013) (Though there is criticism of the Naval Academy as well.)

Yale released scenarios to explain their punishments better. (Yale Daily News) Yale also formed a Title IX Advisory Committee. (Yale Daily News, September 2013 )

Yale punished an accused sexual assaulter with a one day suspension. (Huffington Post, Late August, 2013)

New Yale President Peter Salovey responded to the furor. (Yale Daily News, August 5th, 2013)

Yale released a report on Sexual Assault Statistics and Punishments which lead to criticism. (Yale Daily News, August, 2013 )

Activist and rape victim Alexandra Brodsky pens a piece on the need to end rape culture on campus and outlined her own experiences. (The Guardian, July, 2013)

Yale was fined for Cleary Act Violations that occurred in 2001-2002. (Huffington Post, May 2013)

Yale settled with the Department of Education avoiding sanction but promising to do better. (Yale Daily News, June 2012)

Yale was placed under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education for Title IX violations. (Yale Daily News, April 2011)

Yale students filed a Title IX Complaint against Yale. (Yale Herald, March 2011)

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