Tengger Cavalry Comes to New Haven

NEW HAVEN, CT- The 2016 International Festival of Arts & Ideas brought Tengger Cavalry to the New Haven Green on June 24th. The band performed what they dubbed Nomadic Folk Metal which is a combination of what they describe as blending “overtone throat singing, Mongolian horse-head fiddle and other nomadic music tradition(s) of Central Asia with heavy rock music.”

The band was created by current leader, lead vocalist, and guitarist Nature Ganganbaigal. Alex Abayev is on bass, Josh Schifris is on drums, Uljmuren is on fiddle (and keyboard), and Robert McLaughlin is on fiddle as well.

The group has performed at Carnegie Hall, Webster Hall, and numerous other venues and drawn the attention of major news outlets like CNN. They have released several albums of varying genres, as they can move from rock to folk with east, but their latest is Mountain Side.

Tengger Cavalry’s performance was indeed a mix of what one might expect from heavy metal with the fiddles employed to create a unique sound. During their set the band went back and forth between fast paced rock and more slower songs based along their stringed instruments. The crowd looked intrigued but also well satisfied.

Tengger Cavalry’s website if you wish more information.
A small less than 30 second sample of the band’s live performance is below, just to give you a brief idea of what they’re about without infringing.


And an official music video they posted:





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